Kevin Michael Thompson

On his latest single, Kevin draws upon 1970’s influenced rock and pop as well as soul and gospel influences. A shift away from the folk-instrument driven approach that featured heavily on the 2018 album, Ghosts From Two Towns Over. “Orphan” is piano lead and not only features grand piano but also organ, electric guitars, and even a choir.

“Orphan” focuses on two scenes that would have been central to a community in the past-the church and the pub. In both scenes, parishioners and patrons alike are singing late into the evening. The song’s protagonist leaves the Midnight Mass service and, not wanting to be alone, enters the pub near closing time. The character sits by the fireside and asks for, “one more pint and another song” before stepping back into the evening cold.

Although the song takes place on Christmas Eve, Kevin does not necessarily see this as a Christmas song, “I think that the feelings of loneliness and isolation are universal and folks face these issues year round,” Kevin said. “People want to be a part of a community-a family and unfortunately the holiday season can amplify the feeling of being alone.”

“Orphan” is given a hopeful tone by the swelling Hammond B3 organ and the addition of a gospel choir. The guitar solo also serves to lift the spirit of the song, “I recorded the solo using the old Eric Clapton trick of rolling back the tone knob and turning my amp’s volume way up,” Kevin said.

Kevin plans on releasing several EP’s and singles in 2020. “I love albums and putting songs together around a central theme but I want-at least for now-to be able to be more immediate in the songs and material I put out.” He continues, “I want to be able to write and record without thinking if a song fits an album or not. It’s been freeing to change my approach.”

Credits Marcin Palider: bass Pier Luigi Salami: piano, organ David Spencer: tenor Tiffany Spencer: alto, soprano

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