Kevin Michael Thompson is a North Carolina based singer and songwriter. His music is a weathered and worn blend of rock, country, blues, and folk. Thompson's sound is both fresh and familiar at the same time. He accomplishes this by embracing his musical roots and influences but refusing to be limited by them. Instead, he uses these influences, and a spirit of experimentation, as a starting point and fine-tunes the initial creative spark into songs that often blur the lines between genres. The result is front and center vocals underscored by a current of rich sonic textures mixed with vintage tones and colors. 

Kevin Michael's songs have appeared on the television shows Pawn Stars, American Pickers, What Not to Wear, and many more. His latest solo album, Ghosts From Two Towns Over, delves deep into the wells of Americana music.  The songs on the album range from the alt-country of Confessions, The City, and Clara (It’s A Good Life), to the vintage soul of Violet, and Better Than Before to the folksy, My Oh My, My Oh Me and the gypsy-rock of, Among The Thieves.

His previous album, Good News in These Bad Times, was a tip of the hat to some of the gospel albums he grew up loving. The title was inspired by a sermon by the late Reverend S.M. Lockridge and set the tone for gospel theme of the album. Highlights include the soulful, Nail Scarred Hands, the plaintive, I Believe, Help My Unbelief as well as several reworked hymns such as, O Love Divine What Hast Thou Done and Holy, Holy, Holy.  

In addition to his own solo work Kevin Michael is also part of the musical collective Old State Travelers. Kevin and co-founder Shannon McLaughlin front the Americana band that fuses elements of folk, Celtic, bluegrass, and gospel. The band has released several singles and are currently working on their upcoming 2020 release, Hold Fast.

Kevin is also recording a follow up to Ghosts From Two Towns Over and will be releasing a series of singles and a full length album in 2020.


I turned eighteen at the end of June. By mid-September, I was married with two children. That’s a long story that I’d like to tell you sometime. I’m still married to the same gal and our family has grown to include more children, two grandchildren, three dogs and a cat. Technically, my wife and I have no pets but that’s another story as well.

I’ve worked a lot of bad jobs. I guess some of the jobs weren't bad -I was just bad at them. I’ve sold vacuum cleaners. I’ve sold life insurance. I’ve even worked repossessing furniture and the occasional wedding ring. I also worked in the criminal justice field for a little bit as a humane investigator. My wife became a nurse and some of our children are following her path. All of our children have her fierce independence. That makes me very proud. She makes me proud. She’s my biggest champion and the one that encouraged me to start singing and writing. 

I started singing and writing songs in my thirties; I’m in my forties now. I’ve written a lot of songs. Some are decent, others are better. These songs may not be the best but they’re mine. Often, they tell the story of my family, our journey, and the folks we’ve met along the way.