1. Confessions

From the recording Ghosts From Two Towns Over

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Words & Music by Kevin Michael Thompson

Additional Musicians:
Kurt Baumer: fiddle
Steve Giddings: steel
Marcin Palider: bass
Jeff Severt: bass
Nicky V: guitars
Toby Wilson: guitars, resonator, banjo

Notes: This song took a few different turns. The first incarnation was a bit more Punch Brothers-inspired with some twists and turns. The second was more Tom Petty/roots rock. Not quite sure how it morphed into the two-step vibe but that where it landed.

The lyrics are as much about navigating the world, given the current political climate, but also about the fear that comes from stepping into the unknown.


Verse One
Lord I know that Your sheep will hear Your voice and Your children hear You when You call
Lately I've been drowning, in a sea of noise and it's a wonder I can hear at all
I put my faith in broken knees
And tried so very hard to please

Oh Jesus won't you throw me down a rope
This waters around my throat please come and save
Me, Jesus, I'm so tangled and confused
So if You know what to do than won't You say
Won't You say

Verse Two
Seven seasons I spent staring at the sun just
Trying to find a picture of You
Was a total mess but I think that I was blessed when
I spent another two years in the stew
I put my faith in unbelief
I tried so hard to be deceived

Verse Three
I've been stranded, standing knocking at the door of
A place I'm not sure I belong
Feeling like I need to be a part of what's inside and
Feeling like I need to turn and run
A broken heart bleeds at the seams
You can cut mine out if it sets me free